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OMG ,i love how NOW every designer is goin hightop sneaker

Posted in Shoes by Tmode on February 24, 2010
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So now even jimmy choo has out a line of hightops. im a high top freak. for like tha past 3-4years now. cuz aint nuthin like being comfortable and still lookin trendy. but im really more like a knee high shoe freak. but its hard to find shoes that go to the knee. im in heaven with over the knee. more like the higher the better but over the knee shoes are always stilettos so u look like a tramp and i cant get on board with that

chloe and louboutin got hightops too but i think the jimmy’s might b the only ones i could think about affording. i already got tha gold hightop coach shoes but those is so last year so im  gonna search fo  some deals on other brands. wish me luck.

i kinda hate that they all look sorta alike.and not too fun of a design. but whatever. if its hightop i want it!!




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