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Fall in love with clearance racks…I have!

so, today after seeing avatar(great movie) at the mall i stopped in Wet Seal because they always have cute things on their ” buy one get one for 1cent racks. and i found the cutest floral skirt. it has a black elastic waist band,and is the black background with pink and yellow flowers and has a layer of lace over it making it a little more interesting. it was 13$ and i also found a tunic. its a soft light pink with a plunging v-neck almost no sleeves and a black satin “tie it yourself” bow in that you wrap around yourself and put the bow in front. theyre both Great peices and together came to just 16. 00     14.99 for the pink tunic and 1cent for the skirt and then tax(7.75%)

39dollars, clearance price is 15! you could buy a shirt!

and ill look just as every bit cute and trendy as the girl who bought a 80 dollar floral skirt from bcbg or wasted even more moneey on an  even more expensive brand.

not all clearance racks are full of last season. somtimes if a piece from the current season isnt moving out fast enough theyll put it on clearance just to help get it out the store. and they arent always ugly. i mean. everyone has different taste. so chance of you liking the peice is pretty big.

you will leave with more clothes and maybe even money left over. and still be super CUTE.

I work at the outlet of an upscale store and we actually have designer brands for like 60% and more off the regular pricee. same items, much better price. throughout whole store, and the clearance racks are steals.

I swear. give them a try and you’ll love it


neutral on neutral…seriously?

Posted in general by Tmode on February 28, 2010
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I recently saw a peice in a magazine that said mixing neutrals to make an outfit is a hot thing right now. my thing is not that its ugly. but who wants to look that boring. i mean. unless im going to an interveiw MAYBE i would never want to have on beige and white and grey all at the same time.

regardless of the design of the peices i cant imagine an outfit being that great when it made up of all boring washed out colors.

You could possibly jazz it up with a nice shade of brown. but its still jus not enough. i guess i just love color too much for this style.

if i dressed to convey my emotions maybe i would wear somthing like that when im feelin kinda down. idk. other than that i dont see a reason to put those colors together.

Washing ur Wear

Posted in general,Uncategorized by Tmode on February 25, 2010
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so im washing some clothes today at my moms and thought id’e blog about

1. unless you sweat’d or spilled somthin on yourself. there is no reason to wash an item after each wear. that wil just make it look older faster. unless u just feel dirty from somthin that happened or somthin u did while wearing it. or u know u just wore this for the 3rd time witout a wash. dont wash it.

UNLESS ITS WHITE, but dont dry it..let it air dry!

2. dry cleaners are for coats and wedding i wash everything on my own unless its a nice coat(like my white pea coat) or something important. its a waste of money. and dont forget that home washers have gentle cycles. also just dont put anything in the dryer,except [ajames and underwear. it ends up kind of stiff but all you gotta do is iron it. but nothing will shrink! or fade so much!!