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No real post today, sorry

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i had a busy day at work. and gotta get up even earlier i just wasnt into fashion finding today.

im kind of nervous tho. i might  be meeting a nordstrom tomoro.


OMG i got my first comment

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getting traffic is hard with blogs from random ppl but now i have


that is all!

Washing ur Wear

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so im washing some clothes today at my moms and thought id’e blog about

1. unless you sweat’d or spilled somthin on yourself. there is no reason to wash an item after each wear. that wil just make it look older faster. unless u just feel dirty from somthin that happened or somthin u did while wearing it. or u know u just wore this for the 3rd time witout a wash. dont wash it.

UNLESS ITS WHITE, but dont dry it..let it air dry!

2. dry cleaners are for coats and wedding i wash everything on my own unless its a nice coat(like my white pea coat) or something important. its a waste of money. and dont forget that home washers have gentle cycles. also just dont put anything in the dryer,except [ajames and underwear. it ends up kind of stiff but all you gotta do is iron it. but nothing will shrink! or fade so much!!

First blog post coming up!

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the excitment begins

Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!