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Fall in love with clearance racks…I have!

so, today after seeing avatar(great movie) at the mall i stopped in Wet Seal because they always have cute things on their ” buy one get one for 1cent racks. and i found the cutest floral skirt. it has a black elastic waist band,and is the black background with pink and yellow flowers and has a layer of lace over it making it a little more interesting. it was 13$ and i also found a tunic. its a soft light pink with a plunging v-neck almost no sleeves and a black satin “tie it yourself” bow in that you wrap around yourself and put the bow in front. theyre both Great peices and together came to just 16. 00     14.99 for the pink tunic and 1cent for the skirt and then tax(7.75%)

39dollars, clearance price is 15! you could buy a shirt!

and ill look just as every bit cute and trendy as the girl who bought a 80 dollar floral skirt from bcbg or wasted even more moneey on an  even more expensive brand.

not all clearance racks are full of last season. somtimes if a piece from the current season isnt moving out fast enough theyll put it on clearance just to help get it out the store. and they arent always ugly. i mean. everyone has different taste. so chance of you liking the peice is pretty big.

you will leave with more clothes and maybe even money left over. and still be super CUTE.

I work at the outlet of an upscale store and we actually have designer brands for like 60% and more off the regular pricee. same items, much better price. throughout whole store, and the clearance racks are steals.

I swear. give them a try and you’ll love it


the spring2010 floral print skirt

Posted in bottoms by Tmode on February 27, 2010
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sooooo. turns out that floral skirts are one of the “it” peices for the spring and summer. i like them. but you have to be careful of exactly what print you get. alot of them look like wall paper or a table cloth from the 50’s or 70’s or somthin. usually the prints with smaller flowers are the ugly ones. or when the background color is dark but the flowers are pink or orange.UGH!when the flowers are big or even huge. it usually makes for a cute skirt. t thick eleastic waistband is cute too. as long as u put it at the right point on your body.put it at the wrong place and it can make u look fat

when talking about length i say go for the short(middle of the thigh) skirt. any longer and once again it looks colorful and old fashioned…and not retro…OLD FASHIONED. and thats not good.

its not hard to find a cute one on any budget too. most storeshave them in now. or they’re on the way.

p.s.    dont wear a printed top.try somthing solid of a cute design or you’ll be waaaay too