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add your own monogram on ur louis bag

Posted in handbags by Tmode on March 1, 2010
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Now you can for about an extra 300dollars get ur initals put on your louis vuitton bag. they call it theyre mon monogram service. you can add it to its signature Speedy 30 or Keepall Bandoulière 55 bags. after they put ur letters on they put a special coating on it so they never come off.

they better not. lol.

i think its ugly. you should be able to have your initials repeat like the luois logo does. what i have seen in pics isnt worth 300 dollars. the bag just plain looks better without the personal tacky colored mon monogram.

i actually read somewhere that this has been a service they do. but for some reason. it now costs more and is only done on certain bags.


neutral on neutral…seriously?

Posted in general by Tmode on February 28, 2010
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I recently saw a peice in a magazine that said mixing neutrals to make an outfit is a hot thing right now. my thing is not that its ugly. but who wants to look that boring. i mean. unless im going to an interveiw MAYBE i would never want to have on beige and white and grey all at the same time.

regardless of the design of the peices i cant imagine an outfit being that great when it made up of all boring washed out colors.

You could possibly jazz it up with a nice shade of brown. but its still jus not enough. i guess i just love color too much for this style.

if i dressed to convey my emotions maybe i would wear somthing like that when im feelin kinda down. idk. other than that i dont see a reason to put those colors together.